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Social Project

Fundacija Sursum supports and promotes activities all around in Slovenia, which

includes a student residence, a club with study facilities for young people, and a
conference center.

We run as well several projects which tries to achieve our aims and objectives as well
as our way of working and philosophy of empowering young people and encouraging
European Citizenship.

In the last 5 years we have been working to support young people and refugee
women and girls who have entered in Slovenia through education and mentoring
projects as well as youth work preparing them for transitions.

We are running the FATIMA project (Female Active Citizenship Training Integration
Migrant Accompaniment project) which supports priority 1/2 AMIF. It aims to
integrate 210 Migrant women in 4 EU countries and develop and disseminate
knowledge and influence measures targeting migrant women, aiming to reduce their
isolation and barriers to their participation in civic life.
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More about mentoring! The aim of EYESA project is to encourage young volunteers to
become active members of their society, while supporting their efforts to compete in
professional careers and social affairs. Provide young volunteers with adequate and
indispensable entrepreneurial, social, civic and transversal skills that may help them
deliver a better and smarter social action within a lifelong learning process.
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We are currently co-piloting a mentoring programme with partners from United
Kingdom, Latvia, Poland and Spain with interesting resources to help young people
develop resilience and self-belief. Find out more about our Easier Transitions Helping
Hands project. Read here to know more about a project with excellent BEST PRACTICE.
Read more about Easier Transitions Project.

We run workshops to educate, inspire and encourage discussion about the issues
facing women and girls. We recently participated in a workshop programme in the UK
and Europe to highlight the needs of refugees. Find out more about our Knowing Me
Knowing You project.
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Furthermore, in the past years Fundacija Sursum carried out activities and projects in Guatemala, Poland, Latvia, Hungary and Spain.

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