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WONDER Foundation with Fundacija SURSUM

In this report, WONDER Foundation with Fundacija SURSUM and other partners share insights from the FATIMA project to further the conversation on the meaningful integration of migrant women.

In 2015, an estimated 1 million people found their way to Europe in search of a better life. Almost half of them were women who faced added integration challenges, like gendered discrimination, often making their risk of exclusion higher. The 2015 Migrant Crisis compelled us to consider what we could do to empower migrant women in Europe to thrive. In 2017, WONDER Foundation and four other NGOs launched the FATIMA project. FATIMA was a two-year EU-funded project which supported the empowerment and integration of 210 migrant women across four European countries: Slovenia, Poland, Spain and the UK.

This ground-breaking project empowered migrant women through a personalised and holistic approach. Each participant received one-on-one support through language classes, mentoring, personalised development programmes, civic engagement and cultural activities plan, volunteering and work experience. In this report, we share their insights to inspire others to learn from their successes and the challenges they faced. The full report combines insights from the project evaluators and information on the situation for migrant women in each country.

To download and read the full report ‘Empowering Migrant Women to Thrive’, please click on this link.

FATIMA Policy Officer Report
Download PDF • 178KB

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