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Together for integration PROJECT

Advancing Integration Through Professional Youth Work

The "Together for Integration" project is a targeted initiative aimed at enhancing the integration process for young migrants. Through the professionalisation of youth workers and the development of a comprehensive support ecosystem, the project seeks to empower young migrants to navigate the challenges of integration successfully. 

The overarching objective of the "Together for Integration" project is to facilitate the seamless integration of young migrants into their host communities. To accomplish this, the project has delineated the following key objectives:

1. Increase the professionalisation of youth workers: The project recognizes the critical role that youth workers play in supporting young migrants during their integration journey. Therefore, one of its primary objectives is to enhance the competencies and tools of youth workers. By providing them with specialised resources and support, the project aims to equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively engage with and assist young migrants.

2. Develop an ecosystem of country-based stakeholders: Integration is a multifaceted process that requires a coordinated effort from various stakeholders. The project aims to foster collaboration among country-based stakeholders to create an integrated support ecosystem for young migrants. This ecosystem will encompass a wide range of services and support mechanisms, including but not limited to education, employment, housing, healthcare, and social integration programs. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, the project seeks to ensure that young migrants receive comprehensive support tailored to their individual needs, from their arrival in a country to their full integration into society.

Integration remains a complex and evolving challenge and "Together for Integration" plays a crucial role in promoting social cohesion, inclusivity, and opportunity for all.


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