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«MOVILizaTE, STOP CYBER VIOLENCE» is a European project focused on preventing youth violence via smartphones and internet. Its aim is to empower young people who suffer from it, especially women. We will select centres in each partners cities (Spain, Poland and Slovenia) in order to make workshops to give these young people some strategies in order to deal with cyber-bullying. For these workshops, we will involve young people in the project design, during implementation and follow-up. We will start with a survey (link survey) for Spanish, Polish and Slovenian young people through the partners’ own channels, social networks and educational centres in order to obtain a sample of the existing general problems in relation to violence among young people and especially which is carried out through Internet or cyber-violence. In the light of the results, we will draw up the appropriate training programme; it will consist of 18 workshops: each partner will involve three schools  in the project that will hold 3 workshops per school. The number of studients in each one is 25 students each lasting 3 hours. Specialists in cyberbullying and computer security will be in charge of the training programme. Moreover, the project will train 35 young Europeans girls and boys between 18-30 years old to lead the prevention of cyber-violence in their countries and their environment.  In this way, 250 young people (100 Spanish, 75 Piarist and 75 Polish) will benefit from this project whose aim is that they have an adequate use of mobile phones, developing their emotional intelligence and technical knowledge as internet users, thus preventing youth cyber-violence.

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