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Red: GLOW Project (meeting)

Red GLOW kick off meeting at London. See more here.

Working with local partners in the UK, Spain, Slovenia Poland, Latvia and Italy, the initiative will promote active citizenship and build skills for work for around 1,000 disadvantaged young women.

Our network - Red:GLOW- stands for Gender, Leadership, Outreach and Work, with Red meaning 'network' in Spanish. The work that we do through the network will develop young women and youth workers' understanding of the links between citizenship attitudes, skills and behaviours and those for employment, and we will expand on this concept throughout the project. 

We will develop leadership and volunteering programmes in each country to develop skills and attitudes linked to citizenship and active participation. Each young woman will receive support from a mentor, and we will be working with these mentors and youth workers to improve their ability to support these young women to transform their lives.

The materials we create will be widely shared - including on this website - so keep in touch to find out more!

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